• Join the faithful at one of the great temples of baseball
• Brush up on your Cubs-fan etiquette
• Go local and go hot with a fiery Wrigley smoked sausage

Now that the Cubs are suddenly a first-rate ball club—not to jinx it or anything—the best seats at Wrigley Field have become even scarcer. Of course good seats have always been relatively hard to come by in this most intimate and revered of MLB parks. For all the recent improvements, Wrigley has never lost its soul. Sure, you can hardly see your own popcorn in those dark, dank subterranean snack-stand corridors. But step outside to your seat and take in that view—the outfield-wall ivy so green, the sky so blue, the fans’ language so colorful. Here’s how to do Wrigley right: First of all, if you didn’t book well in advance, get comfortable with paying secondary-market rates (they’re not that pricey compared to, say, prime Yankees or Red Sox tickets). The Conrad concierge can help, or log on to chicagoticketconnection.com. Where to sit? We prefer the left-field side, so the sun isn’t glaring in our eyes. Just beyond third base is the Cubs’ bullpen, which isn’t even a proper pen but a strip of unenclosed grass and dirt right beside the stands. (You could reach out and grab one of John Lackey’s warm-up pitches. Don’t.) To eat? A Wrigley Field Smoky—smoked-beef sausage—garnished with tomato wedges, neon-green relish, and fiery-hot sports peppers. The peppers singe like a sunburn, but they’re obligatory. During the singalong, It’s “root, root, root for the Cuuuuub-bies,” not “home team.” And should you be in the outfield and lucky enough to catch a visiting-team home run, THROW THE BALL BACK. Your seatmates will be pleased.

Wrigley Field is located in Lakeview on Chicago’s North Side. From the Conrad Chicago it’s a 20- to 30-minute cab ride in moderate traffic, or 25 to 35 minutes by foot and subway (via the Red Line from Chicago station to Addison station). Ask the concierge to advise on the best mode of transit on game days.

WRIGLEY FIELD: 1060 W. Addison St.; 773-404-2827; cubs.com